Paul Boesch Art Award 2017 ceremony

Paul Boesch Art Award 2017 ceremony
Thursday, 23 March 2017, 6 – 9pm

Vaclav Pozarek is awarded the Paul Boesch Prize 2017

The Paul Boesch Foundation awards the eponymous prize endowed with CHF 50,000.- to Vaclav Pozarek, thus honoring the conceptually and medial diverse oeuvre of the Bern-based artist. Vaclav Pozarek has presented his works since the 1980s in numerous museums and institutions and enjoys international recognition. His art has been extensively presented in solo shows in Berlin, Bratislava, Zurich, Basel, Winterthur, Aarau, Chur, and Bern. Significant stations of the artist include the retrospective at the Kunstmuseum Winterthur in 2004 and the presentation of the work in progress Library Of Sculpture at the Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur. His most recent show was in 2015 at the Kunstmuseum Solothurn, where Pozarek arranged older and newer works to a spatial Gesamtkunstwerk. The award ceremony of the Paul Boesch Prize will take place on March 23, 2017, at the Kunsthalle Bern.  

Program award ceremony:

Greeting: Rolf Grädel, President Paul Boesch Foundation

Award ceremony 2017: Valérie Knoll, Director Kunsthalle Bern

Advancement Awards: Stefan Gelzer, Director Schule für Gestaltung Bern and Biel

Music: Trio-Nakria Alessandro Sica (cello), Martina Gallo (violin) and Giuliano Tonino (viola)

The Paul Boesch Foundation invites you to the award ceremony followed by drinks at Kunsthalle Bern.
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Paul Boesch Art Award 2017 ceremony

Image: Vaclav Pozarek, BELL'S / lightyear, 1973, Sammlung Ricola.
Photo: Dominique Uldry.